5 Ideas for Toys to Bring on the Plane to Entertain your Baby Between 0 and 24 months

If you have a baby and you travel a lot like me,  you probably know this equation:

Baby + airplane = HELP!

Unfortunately, the emergency exit when we’re 30,000 feet in the air can’t do anything for us when the baby starts having a crisis.

Obviously, our first instinct is to look around to see who is looking at us. The look on our face is like saying to them: I am in control!  But inside, there is general panic.

What if the crisis lasted the entire duration of the flight… i.e. 8 hours? 😱


A infant is unlikely to cause you much concern. But from 6 months and up, a baby will not just sleep and drink. So plan an anti-crisis kit in which you will have a few toys to amuse baby.

I offer you toys from Canadian businesses for children from 0 to 24 months, perfect for air travel since they meet my 3 PLANE FRIENDLY criteria:

  1. Quiet
  2. Unbreakable
  3. Don’t stain

 Natural Cotton Baby Book from Coco Village

A Book and a toy at the same time, baby will love handling this book.  Both are flexible and robust, made with organic soft cotton texture and a creaking sound of the padding makes it attractive and pleasant to handle. Accordion-folded, colorful and featuring different themes like farm animals, fruits and vegetables, nature, vehicles, etc., this book will stimulate the baby’s senses, familiarize them with language and help them develop their curiosity .

To get this book, or another from the collection, it’s here!

Activity Soft Toy Baltic de Coco Village  

This adorable soft and fluffy octopus is full of activities that are sure to please the baby: mirror, wooden teether, book or textures that are sure to stimulate all of the baby’s senses.

To get this plush, it’s here!

Finger Puppets from Benjo


Nothing is better than puppets to capture the attention of your little one. Soft, cute and colorful, you can both tell crazy stories or caress baby’s face with these finger puppets. Small and discreet, they are easy to carry around in a bag. Naturally hypoallergenic, certified free of harmful chemicals, and made with 100% organic cotton and natural corn fibers, your little one will be able to chew on them too.

To get the puppets, it’s here!

 Coloring Placemats from Simons

In addition to being fun, these cotton and polyester placemats are practical for mom and dad and the environment because once used, you put them in the washing machine, dry them flat and reuse them. Comes with a set of 12 washable markers. Little trick so that the baby doesn’t drop his pencils on the floor all the time: attach a string to each pencil and bring some adhesive paper to stick the strings under the airplane tray.

To get these placemats, it’s here!

The Story Lamp from Pomango

Project the images of this lamp on the seat in front of you and tell your child, in your own way, one of the 3 stories included: 1- Olga the goose and her baby bird, 2- Petite Chaussette the fox and her baby, 3- Baby Josephine the traveling whale.

To get this lamp, it’s here!


That’s it for the 5 ideas for toys from Canadian businesses that are perfect for entertaining your child between 0 and 24 months on the plane. 

In conclusion, it is said that travel forge the children regardless of their age. Of course being so young your children will not remember the details of their journeys they had shared with you but you will be able to tell them when they are older, and you will also be able to show them all the places they have visited as a child on a world map.


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