5 ways in which financial advisory services can help you 

5 Ways Our Financial Advisors Can Help You – Coffey Brooks

When you seek the services of an expert, your effort and time into making the best financial decisions for yourself, your business, and your family wealth are reduced significantly. A simple cost-benefit analysis of seeking financial advisory services will show you how you can profit from the same. While you do this, it’s essential to remember that financial advisory services not only help with managing your investments but with several other crucial things. 

  1. Investment management 

The primary area in which financial advisory services can help you is investment management. How your wealth can be allocated in a way that provides you high returns while also hedging risk is something advisory services can figure out for you. Through all changes in the global markets over time – pandemics, recessions, etc., – investment management services will look after the asset allocation of your portfolio to ensure that your financial goals are on track. 

  1. Non-financial needs 

Financial advisory services don’t just help with investment management but also with various other aspects of life that may not primarily be financial. Things such as divorce, estate planning, long-term health care and disability income planning, assigning a healthcare power of attorney, and more are other crucial areas that your banking institution can help you with when providing financial advisory services. 

  1. Impact investing 

Whether as a business owner or an individual investor, impact investing is something to consider in today’s times. Impact investing or Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investing entails an investment strategy that aims to earn returns while also serving society and creating a positive impact. And undertaking impact investing isn’t just good for your commitment to corporate social responsibility but also beneficial for your portfolio. About 88% of impact investors have reported that their investments have met or exceeded their expectations according to the Global Impact Investing Network.

  1. Family office services 

When you opt for financial advisory services from your banking institution, you can also opt for family office services. A family office takes care of all important financial and non-financial aspects of your wealth. This includes business advisory, succession planning, philanthropic pursuits, and more. For instance, when you seek family office services, you can rest assured that your wealth will be smoothly passed on to the next generation and your legacy will remain. 

  1. Long-term, holistic planning 

Whether it is liability planning, sale of a major asset or business unit, retirement planning, or tax and regulatory compliance, financial advisory services help with long-term planning. When you take the help of financial advisory services, it’s easier to view various aspects of your wealth and financial needs in a holistic manner. Defining and meeting your long-term goals becomes easier as does course correction when you begin to deviate from the plan.

As you can tell, the role of a financial advisor is important. Not only would seeking financial advisory services mean that your wealth is being managed by experts, but it would also take a lot off your plate. When you have access to family office services, impact investing services, succession planning services, and more, everything you have worked so hard to build will be preserved and further grow. 

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