A Review of Primo Vacations Club Benefits

A Review of Primo Vacations Club Benefits

Do you travel a lot now or would you like to travel a lot? This review of the Primo vacation club benefits will attempt to communicate what we feel are the top benefits of using this travel club. These benefits when used will allow you to experience luxury travel options at a steeply discounted price. That is why this article will look at the Primo vacations exclusive discounts, personal travel assistance and no black out dates. These are just some of the benefits you will get from being a member. Before we delve into these we would also like to state that Primo vacations is one of the few travel clubs that actually offer you a one time lifetime membership fee for a very affordable $607.00. This makes it one of the least expensive travel club options available. We will look at the benefits we think you should know about in the rest of this article…

Exclusive Unique Discounts
By becoming a member of the Primo vacation club you get access to luxury cruises and resort condominiums all around the world. Being more specific you gain access to well over 83,000 luxury hotels located around the world at up to an 80% discount. additionally you also have the ability to rent villas, cottages and condominiums at a huge discount. Having all of this access to luxury properties at deep discounts will in all likelihood allow you to travel more. If that wasn’t enough then Primo vacations also provides…

Personal Travel Assistance
This means you will be given personal travel assistance by friendly and courteous travel staff. This means you can take advantage of the many discounted and vacation opportunities the club will afford you. This personal concierge service will allow you to optimize the benefits you get as a member by making sure every aspect of your trip planning meets or exceeds your own high expectations. This benefit even extends to any issues that may arise while you are on vacation. With so many options to choose from and travel assistance to make it all work the only thin left to deal with would be…

No Black Out Dates
One of the things which takes away from the benefits of belonging to a travel club is the idea that there are certain times of the year that you can’t use it. Of course these are probably the times of year when you would want to use your benefits. The Primo vacation club in direct opposition to this trend does not have any black out dates and for that matter there is also no limit to the number of trips you can take in a calendar year.

We have quickly touched on the benefits of the Primo travel club. This included exclusive unique discounts, personal travel assistance and no blackout dates and/or limits. Given the sheer number of benefits in the travel club we didn’t of course cover them all here. But we would imagine that given the benefits we stated here that you would at least be interested?

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