All About Travel Nursing Job

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Travel nursing jobs have become in demand even before the pandemic times. There are  a lot of nurses in some places but lacks on the other, so travel nurse agencies are recruiting nurses to work as travel nurses. Travel nursing jobs by state are being offered by travel nurse agencies to those who want to work in other States or even other countries. By doing this nurses can be distributed to places who need them the most. 

Kinds of Travel Nurses

Local Travel Nursing

Travel nurses don’t necessarily have to leave their States to be called a travel nurse. Local travel nurses are nurses who work within the same States where they reside but to different cities.  Local travel nursing jobs can be advantageous in a way that nurses don’t need to travel outside their State to get a travel nursing job. 

International Travel Nursing Jobs

For this type of travel nursing job, a nurse will be required to work in other States of Other countries. Travel nurse agencies are the ones responsible for recruiting nurses from their home town and assigning them to their destinations. They have contacts from different medical companies, and they make the arrangements.  

Crisis Pay Travel Nursing

Nurses are always known to work overtime, and they even go the extra mile on their duties sometimes. For travel nurses crisis pay is given if they work beyond their shift schedule or if nurses are assigned to departments where risk is high. In crisis pay nursing jobs, nurses can earn more despite the extra jobs and hours they work for.

Travel Nurse Practitioner Jobs

Working as a travel nurse practitioner is a temporary job to replace nurses who are on sick leave, maternity leave or on vacation. Travel nurse practitioners are assigned in any department where they are needed. 

Requirements of Travel Nursing Jobs

Licenses and Certificates 

Number one requirement before one can be qualified to be a travel nurse is, they should be a registered nurse. You should be able to finish a degree of Nursing or any courses associated with it  and pass the licensure examination then you can be hired as a travel nurse. Some Certificates can also aid in your application such as certification on Basic Life Support (BLS) Training or Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) training  will be a plus for you. 


Some travel nurse agencies accept one year experience to be qualified as a travel nurse but some need two years experience. Especially with travel nursing jobs that require specialization. 


Although you are not a resident in the place where you work as a travel nurse you are required to pay “tax  home”. This means you pay taxes to the City where your workplace is. However, if you are maintaining a full-residency in your home town then the rest of your expenses are exempted from taxes especially your travel expenses, meals and your accommodation but if not then you are required to pay. It is wise to bring proof of your tax payments from your hometown. 


Apart from the travel nursing job requirement , a nurse who wishes to work as a travel nurse should also be flexible in dealing with different kinds of people since different countries or States have different cultures. Working from one place to another needs adjustment to be able to get used to the environment you will be working in. Especially for first timers, they need to be ready to mingle with different kinds of people and live in different surroundings. 

Travel nursing job is a good opportunity for nurses to grow professionally since they will be able to work in different medical facilities that have different techniques and strategies. Being able to get exposed to several medical facilities can help nurses broaden their skills and knowledge then apply them in their future jobs. There is nothing more rewarding than to practice your profession and explore many places at the same time. Challenges will not be avoidable but it will be a wise choice to work outside your home and be able to gain more experience as well as earn more.  Be a travel nurse now and rip all the benefits you can possibly get.