Bahamas Weather

Bahamas Weather

The climate of the Bahamas varies from subtropical to tropical, and the islands are usually warm and sunny throughout the year. The weather in the island nation, particularly in the winter, is greatly influenced by the waters of the Gulf Stream, a powerful, warm and swift Atlantic Ocean current that influences the climate of the east coast of North America.

The tropical weather makes the Bahamas a pleasant destination year-round, with the Gulf Stream and trade winds maintaining an even temperature ranging from 20 to 30 degrees Celsius during the day and 17 to 21 degrees Celsius at night. However, it is advisable to carry lightweight, tropical clothing and a light sweater or wrap for eveningwear while visiting the islands. Dress codes are integral to Bahamian culture, thus, some hotels may require men to wear a jacket and tie for dinner. Beachwear is considered inappropriate in downtown Nassau’s churches, restaurants and casinos.

A typical rainy season in Bahamas is from month May to October, which is also considered to be the off-season. However, many visitors enjoy traveling to the islands during the off-season because of the discounts given by most hotels. Sometimes hurricanes also occur from July through November, which makes the island quite dangerous during the summer and autumn season. In case of hurricane warnings, most hotels issue a refund; it is advisable to check directly with the lodging management or the travel agent before booking your reservation.

The best season to visit the Bahamas is between the months of January through May, when the trade winds provide a constant breeze, making the island warm and pleasant. Although the weather is somewhat unstable, it remains nice through out the year, though it is advisable to schedule your vacation outside the hurricane season.

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