Best apps for your traveling

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Smartphones have replaced your alarm clocks, diaries, notepads, torchlights, GPS and everything whatever you needed is on the touch of your screen. Can you ever imagine to be without the smartphone? It was no more than a decade ago when we didn’t have such technology for ourselves and we were really busy in paperwork, but as the technology advanced everything has changed. Traveling either for business or for pleasure has also changed a lot and it is not the same as it was years ago. Getting directions was never this much easy as it is now, getting to your destination was only by word of mouth, maps or MapQuest.

With technology we are able to do what was just a dream world a decade ago like booking of flights, rooms, car services like Burlington Limousine Services and for every event like weddings, prom night, date night or business travel. The trips can only be comfortable while we have our smartphones with us and we are able to not only capture high quality pictures and videos, find locations, book reservations and almost do everything which we need. There are hundreds of thousands of applications for both android and iPhone users for your ease and to enhance your traveling experience.

Book a Flight

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Booking the flights was not much easier than it is now as you don’t need to have and agent or a computer. You can purchase online tickets just by tapping your phone and using the right application. With countless applications available we are shortlisting few of them for you to purchase flight tickets. Following are few free apps which allow you to buy tickets and keep track of your flight information. These apps are easy to use and you can easily book flights and get the best deals and discounts.

Booking Airbnb/ hotels

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There are lots of applications which offer online reservations of hotel rooms and accommodation but the last thing you want to end up with a hotel that looks nothing like it was online. Sometimes when you book online hotel room or apartment etc online what you get is not what you expected or paid for, but fortunately the following apps will eliminate such problems and will ensure that you get the best room in best price.

Finding Attractions

Traveling is all about the experience and learning about the new cultures, sightseeing, food and meeting new people. You are adventures and love going on exciting excursions like scuba diving, zip lining or hiking? The following apps will surely help you in finding exactly what you are searching for

  • Eventbrite
  • CityMapper
  • Meetup
  • Spotted By Locals
  • Restaurants


If you are a foodie, and love to taste new tastes and foods, you can experience a culture through cuisine and this is one of the best way to indulge yourself into a new culture. Being a foodie will be the best experience while you use these applications

  • FoodFinder
  • Urbanspoon
  • Yelp