Best Things To Do In Tanzania

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The country of Tanzania is south of the equator situated in East Africa. Its population is diversified and comprises over 100 distinct people groups or tribes. The country is said to pride itself on citizens regarding each other as equal. Thus the tension noted within other African regions by contrast is less among the Tanzanian people groups.

The national capital of Tanzania is Dodoma: a port city and one of the richest cities on the African continent. Tanzania is by and large rural in population, but in the recent past has been developing towns as people migrate to designated areas. Tanzania has three large lakes situated in its north, west and south sections.

Tanzania national parks are among the popular tourist attractions. In common, three Tanzania national parks feature an array of wildlife most notably throughout a given calendar year.

Within the citizenry of Tanzania, boxing and soccer are said to be favored spectator sports. The economy flourishes from widespread tourism, mining, farming and fishing.

Tourist attractions include safari trips. Unique Safaris is one of the major providers of this service in Tanzania. Reviews of the company are receptive. Safari guides are seen as professional and personable. Safari excursions are said to create fond memories for those who take advantage of this travel option. Destinies include the island of Zanzibar noted for its pristine beaches, snow-capped Mount Kilimanjaro, Selous, which is a nature preserve, Lake Manyara National Park and more. Interested parties can book their safari excursion with Unique Safaris by fax, phone and email. Contact information is displayed on Unique Safari’s website.

Mount Kilimanjaro National Park has as its key feature the mountain whose peak is over 5,800 meters. Three levels are noted: farm land, rain forest and at its summit, lunar landscape and snow-capped. Tourism is most popular from June to October, Tanzania’s dry season.

The Serengeti National Park is noted to have no trees. Between December and June, animal migration is enormous attracting tourists who view the array of birds and wildebeest. The cold season is between June and October. The migration includes a goodly number of zebras and gazelles.

The island of Zanzibar is a popular holiday destination with white sandy beaches, clear shallow waters and boats along the shoreline. At its center is Stone Town that features Arabian-style townhouses and a variety of artifacts.

Ngorongoro is a conservation area situated between Lake Manyara and the Serengeti national parks. It features a volcanic crater along with a diversity of wildlife. The crater has a continuous water supply that aids in keeping the animal population that inhabit this area constant. Moreover, bird watching is a popular activity among visitors to Ngorongoro.

Olduvai Gorge is a site situated on a series of fault lines where remnants of humankind’s early history have been found. Included in this are said to be a set of footprints by a man, woman and child.

Lake Manyara National Park attracts tourists interested in viewing wildlife ranging from tree-climbing lions, hippos scouring for food and a significant elephant population. Unique is the fact this park is one-third land.

Mafia Island is a site that attracts tourists whose interest is marine in nature. Those who enjoy snorkeling or diving may find it best to indulge in these activities some time from October to March. Rainfall on Mafia Island is heaviest during March and April.

There are several other tourist attractions that satisfy the curious visitor to Tanzania. They who visit by and large find the country to be hospitable and welcoming of tourists.