Create a Star Wars Bed

If you’re looking for the full Star Wars experience, you might want to go further than purchasing Star Wars bedding for your bedroom and get a Star Wars bed. This is truly the way to imagine you are exploring your way through far away galaxies.

If your little one is a star wars fan, you will be glad to know there is a bed available at most home stores with the Star Wars theme. This bed is a toddler bed with rails to keep the child from falling out at night. The steel frame sits low to the ground, and can be used with your crib mattress. These beds start at around fifty five dollars.

If you are a builder, consider making your own AT-AT bed. The AT-AT is an all terrain armored transport vehicle that resembles an animal with four legs. To create this contraption, start by building a simple loft style bed. If you’re familiar with CAD drawing and have that software available to you, you can actually print the model to scale for easier creation. If not, then trial and error will have to work. Start with cardboard templates and keep trying until you get the right dimensions. Once you are pleased with your cutouts, trace them onto your plywood. If you have electrical experience, try adding some blinking lights, buttons, and working switches for the full spaceship effect. This project requires some heavy duty tools such as a saw, electric sander, screw gun, and plenty of working space. Completing the bed may take several weeks depending on how much time you have to work on it daily.

Another bed to consider is the Millennium Falcon Bed. You need a round mattress, foam to create the sides, fabric, and fabric paint. Finish off the bed with sci-fi style lights around the bottom. More information can be found online. This bed will surely carry you off to unknown galaxies.

If you’re not quite the builder and or don’t have time to devote to such a large project, try using a bed you already own. Attach cardboard or plywood cutouts on the bed and add a little paint to finish off your masterpiece. Alternatively contact a builder in your area and get an estimate for what he would charge to build you a Star Wars bed.

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