Electrifying experience at Desert safari Dubai.

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Dubai-the attention seeker.

Dubai is full of beautiful places and that’s why people from all over the world prefer coming to Dubai. It has big shopping malls and it seeks the attention of many people. There are tall buildings, high fi restaurants, Arabian and mixed cuisines, traditional shows, beautiful spots, and other eye-catching places.

The Arabian Desert.

Oh, I missed one thing that is the most famous Arabian desert. It gains the attention of the people because of Desert safari Dubai which is an amazing adventure for venturous souls. 

If you don’t want to miss this adventurous and entertaining experience then start planning for Desert safari Dubai.

Amazing packages

Desert safari Dubai offers morning safari, evening safari, overnight safari, private safari, and group bookings. It is according to your availability. 

Book Book Book!

If you don’t want to miss this amazing opportunity at Desert safari Dubai then book your deal.

Insane adventure of your life.

 There is a list of awesome activities at Desert safari Dubai. Some of them are dune bashing, quad biking, Sand skiing, camel riding, sunrise photography, sunset photography, tanoura show, fire show, henna painting and much more. 

Group Bookings.

You can bring your family, your partner or your friends along with you. You can book your deal for a maximum number of people as well. Desert safari Dubai also offers group bookings.

Private safari.

You can also hire a private land cruiser for dune bashing and it is a good option when you want to be around your family or your partner while enjoying the craziest, bumpy ride at Desert safari Dubai.

Say no to lazy mornings.

Mornings can be adventurous with Desert safari Dubai. Book morning desert safari and enjoy sunrise photography, the most craziest dune bashing, the four-wheeled bike-quad biking, the camel riding.

The idea of a perfect evening 

Evening desert safari is perfect for those who love sunsets because it is an amazing chance to watch the sunset at a desert at Desert safari Dubai. Also get a chance to experience some marvelous activities like sunset photography, camel riding and much more. 

Peace of the heart and peace of the mind.

Spending some time in a desert at night is not a bad idea definitely. The scenario is so beautiful. Just imagine sitting on a desert alone or with your friends or family and looking at the sky and gazing at the stars and getting the feel of the desert. It sounds wow! You can experience this at Desert safari Dubai. Book overnight safari.

What are the facilities at Desert safari Dubai?

No worrying about pick and drop. The driver will pick you from the respective location. The dinner is so good. The whole buffet and barbeque is arranged. Enjoy the buffet with unlimited soft drinks and tea. The driver will drop you back at your place. 

I repeat, don’t miss this chance of experiencing the tradition, the folk, and the adventure. Come to Desert safari Dubai and make your trip a memorable one. What else do you want?