For Those Who Would Wish To Live In Tented Camps While On Vacation In Kenya

For Those Who Would Wish To Live In Tented Camps While On Vacation In Kenya

If you are looking for a delightful and adventurous way to spend your vacations in Kenya, it would be fun to choose tented camping sites which are pitched on specific grounds with nice scenic views of grasslands and mountaneous ranges. You will watch game stremming around watering holes at night as you enjoy Lavish dinner and entertainment. There are several tented campsites scattered all over the game reserves and parks, along rivers, cliffs, hills and mountain tops. These tented camps have good beds, bathrooms and shower blocks, while others are so luxurious they will offer furniture, hot showers, and Beds rivelling only a five star hotel. I wish to list here the various places you can enjoy the confort of tented camps. My list may not be exhaustive but it can serve as a guide to those who would wish to live in tented camps while on vacation in Kenya.

The Amboseli National Park has tented camps and cottages where you can have un-inturrupted view of Mt. Kilimanjaro. The wildlife are kept off by a fence running around the camp site, making it safe to watch game and walk around in the night. These tented camps are a complete contrast to the more luxurious cottages at the Amboseli Lodge, Tortilis Camp, Amboseli Serena Lodge and the Ol Tukai Lodge Where you will be treated to well kempt gardens, worderful views of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Swimming pools and enough ammenities making your stay very comfortable and spiritually rewarding. But ofcourse if you are travelling on a budget, you could try the Namanga River Hotel, Campi ya Kazi, or the Nyati Safari camp, all with nice tented camps erected under acasia trees, giving you the advantage of the nice scenic view of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

The Tsavo National Park offers a wide range of wild life and birds within the dense vegatation, swamps, remarkable rolling hills, volcanic caves and huge rocks. Here you will find tented camps with basic ammenities like running water, bathrooms, mosquito nets, bedding and toilet facilities. Unlike in the Amboseli, one will have to make arrangement for lunch and dinner at nearby lodges and hotels. However a few of them have luxurious tented camps but are abit more costly to rent. There are good places where you can arrange for tented camps like the Severin Safari Camp in Mombasa, the Voyager Safari Camp at the Zimani Gate, the Finch Hatton’s Safari Camp lacated on the western side of the Tsavo National Park and the Satao Camp on the banks of the Voi River

This list would not be complete without reference to the Kenyan coastral town of Mombasa. This town is home to the Simba Hills National park where you can wactch elephants, antelopes and zebras grazing on the grassands, the sandy beaches of Malindi, the Watamu marine National Park and the age old Lamu town. You are sure to be treated to the best tented camps at the Makurumuji Tented Camping site at the Simba hills National Park, the Shompole Camping site on Lake Magadi which offers a Jakuzzi to keep you cool From the warm breezes.

One thing about tented camping sites is the amount of backpacking one has to carry, which is a little cumbersome but this should not undermine the benefits that accrue from tented camping sites. You will definitely be able to save lots of maney that you can invest in many ways like either in eating at a five star or shopping for yourself antique Masai Lingerie, traditional artifacts and the like. It should also be important to appreciate the fact that life at tented camping sites teaches you and makes you self-dependent. Its very interesting to see men and women who do not do any household work at all cleaning plates while in camping sites.

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