How To Design The Perfect Bathroom On Any Budget

The bathroom, after the kitchen, is one of the principal rooms that will sell your house. If your bathroom is looking a bit outdated, giving it a makeover will not only increase the price of your property but also give it a new lease of life.

If your bathroom is a little (excuse the pun) on the small side there are lots of tips and tricks you can use to create the illusion of lots of space. Lighting can create space and completely open up a room so it’s important you take this into careful consideration when designing your bathroom. Natural Deck Renovation Brisbane light is the best way to create an airy spacious look but chances are if you have a small bathroom you will have a small window, or no window at all. By painting your bathroom in neutral or light colours, you will help create the airy feel a window gives. And if you love colour, you can add bright accessories. If you have a small bathroom with no window, you’ll need to think about necessary ventilation to keep your bathroom airy. Invest in an extractor fan to avoid dampness and mould growth.

Other space-saving techniques include fitting storage shelves by embedding them into the walls, here you can keep your towels and other bathroom accessories. You could also fit towel rails to the back of your door to save on space. If you install a focal, show-off piece in your bathroom it can create more room – a stand-out mirror or beautiful piece of furniture usually does the trick, but don’t go overboard, more than one piece could make the already small room look cluttered (something you are trying to avoid!).

The bathroom can be the most expensive room to remodel and redecorate because of all of the skilled labour involved – you’ll need plumbers, electricians and carpenters to ensure everything in your bathroom is fitted properly and safely. If you need to remodel your bathroom on a budget, instead of forking out on high-end furniture that most of us cannot afford, why not look for less costly alternatives? Marble-flooring is out of reach for most of us but there are alternatives like faux-marble flooring that can look just as good.

If you have a slightly more generous-sized bathroom builders and larger budget then you should take advantage of the space and create a stunning bathroom. Double sinks are very a la mode at the moment and not only are they fashion but they’re also practical, especially when all the family up in the morning and need their bathroom time. If you can afford to install under-floor heating in your bathroom you’ll be getting your money’s worth. There’s nothing better than stepping out of the shower and being greeted with under-floor heating in those cold winter months.

Whatever your budget, it’s important you plan your bathroom remodel carefully – if you don’t, you could be making mistakes that cannot be turned around unless a lot of money is involved. By using bathroom planner software you can plan how your bathroom will look to the very finest detail and feel safe in the knowledge that you’ve planned your bathroom to the right dimensions and have maximised all of the space available to you. You can quickly edit your plan if you want to try furniture in different positions so you are confident that when the skilled workers come in to fit your bathroom you’ll be happy with the results.