Jamaica’s Weather is One of the Best Climates in the World

Jamaica’s Weather is One of the Best Climates in the World

One of the greatest aspects of traveling to Jamaica for a holiday is its year round perfection in weather. Even during the Gulf hurricane season, Jamaica very seldom gets touched by a nasty storm and when it does rain, it is only for a little while before the skies clear up again and the sun shines down.

With an average yearly temperature along its coastlines averaging between 80 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit that drops as cool as 65 degree up top of the Blue Mountains, there is not a single day of the year that you could not wake up and wear a t-shirt and shorts all day.

On an average, the whole of Jamaica will see bout 78 inches of rain every year, but that is an average as the Blue Mountains can get in some cases over 300 inches while other parts of this small island nation may get less than 36 inches a year.

With warm temperatures year round and the rarity of the island seeing the effects of a hurricane, Jamaica is considered to be a great place to visit no matter what time of year it is. If it does get too hot for you while you are visiting Jamaica, you can always make your way up past the Blue Mountain Coffee farms all the way to the peak of the Blue Mountains where at an altitude of just over 7,400 feet, if the day is clear enough you can see all the way to Cuba.

There is no doubt that the weather in Jamaica is one of the benefits of this stunning Caribbean island.

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