Midwives Jobs in New Zealand: An Attractive Lifestyle

Midwives Jobs in New Zealand: An Attractive Lifestyle

Midwives jobs in New Zealand offer a special balance between career and lifestyle. Midwives are an important part of the healthcare system with roughly 80% of New Zealand women choosing midwives to be their primary maternal carer. Research has shown that 37% of midwives in New Zealand were trained overseas. This can be attributed to the lifestyle factors that make New Zealand an attractive place to work and live. Alongside this, New Zealand’s model of birth-care and the chance to work in either the community or in a hospital are also attractive features. There is a skill shortage of midwives in New Zealand so finding work is a rather straightforward process.

New Zealand embraces a work-life balance and having that much needed recreational time is important. Along with being a beautiful country the main cities of New Zealand (Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch) are well known for their first rate shopping, art galleries, cultural festivals and vibrant music and arts scenes making it a more than excellent place to live. For example Wellington is not only the capital city, but also known to stay up late to enjoy live theatre, music and dance performances year round, whilst Christchurch boasts the “Christchurch Art Gallery Te Puna O Waiwhetu” which is home to New Zealand’s most important public art collections. Midwives seeking work in New Zealand will have ample opportunity to explore all these features of the country as New Zealand workers are entitled to four weeks paid leave per year.

Being a multi-cultural society New Zealand embraces everybody and you will be hard-pressed to find a more welcoming nation. Auckland for example is home to Maori, South Pacific and Asian cultures providing midwives and other medical professionals not only the opportunity to be a part of this varied culture, but to interact with many different cultures within their local communities.

New Zealand has one of the best publicly funded healthcare systems in the world and it is a great place to professionally develop midwifery skills. Strong leadership programs and professional development programs are on offer to help midwives keep their skill base up to speed. These endeavours are also assisted with scholarships to support the costs of postgraduate studies. Excellence and innovation in clinical practice is also encouraged.

Midwives jobs in New Zealand provide excellent salary rates from between NZD$40,000 to NZD$120,000 per year. Midwives employed by the District Health Board can earn between NZD$44,000 and NZD$70,000 per year depending on experience, but midwives who are self-employed can earn from NZD$70,000 to NZD$120,000 per year. Night shifts and weekend shifts are paid with time and a half and working on public holidays sees midwives receiving double pay.

New Zealand is also a great place to raise children and we have an outstanding government-funded education system so children will have their education needs fully cared for and be in the safest of hands. These are just some of the features that attract midwives to seek work here and enjoy the lifestyle that midwives jobs in New Zealand can provide.

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