Pet Carrier Bag & Seat Cover – Your Ideal and Affordable Travel Companion

Pet Carrier Bag & Seat Cover – Your Ideal and Affordable Travel Companion

Do you have difficulty finding the right and suitable carrier for your pets (cats or dogs) which is also multifunctional and as such can double as a car seat cover?

Whilst there are a quite a few options out there, not a lot of them can provide the comfort, safety, and flexibility your pets need whilst on a long distance travel or even the portability of being carried around.

One product which can surely meet your needs is the Portable Pet Carrier and Car seat cover from Durable Pet care. This ideal travel companion is fast gaining popularity amongst pet lovers because of the following reasons

Firstly, it has been engineered to provide a comfortable and aerated environment for your pet because of its mesh window which allows for a well ventilated atmosphere. It also allows you to monitor and observe your pet at any time during your travel. Hence, you do not need to worry about your pet’s welfare when on a long distance trip.

Moreover, this carrier bag is eco-friendly and made from unique plastic spraying anti slip particles which is extremely safe and better than the standard normal plastic skid net used by other pet carrier manufacturers. You can be rest assured that you have nothing to worry even if part of the particles were ingested accidentally by your pet.

Furthermore, it is durable and made from 100% waterproof material (600D Oxford with TPU Coating) hence no damage to the carrier bag by rain, dust, or even pet waste or urine. It also has headrest covers and side flaps to prevent the interior of your vehicle from accidentally getting scratched by your pet.

In addition, it is compatible with most cars, easy to fit and clean. Its dimensions are 143cm wide by 152cm length which is wider than most brands and ensures ultimate protection for your pet and vehicle. It also brandishes adjustable straps and buckle to help you make the most of the interior space of your vehicle.

Finally, the supplier offers 100% lifetime warranty hence if you are not happy with the product, you can always return it for a refund or an exchange.

WARNING – If you have difficulty finding the ideal pet travel companion then Pet Carrier and Cat seat cover is what you need

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