Planning to travel during coronavirus?

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As the novel coronavirus hits most parts of the world with record force, precautionary measures are high everywhere. If you have to travel during this period, you have to do so with absolute caution. Here are tips to help you in planning your travel:

Know the rules of the country you are going to

You must know the rules and stance of the country you are traveling to. Some countries may not oblige people to come into their country while some may place strict regulations on traveling. You should also know the number of cases the country has recorded since the inception of coronavirus. If your chosen destination is ridden with càses of the virus, you may want to rethink your going there. You do not want to contract the virus during your trip.

Work with a travel agent

You can opt for doing all the necessary things required for traveling yourself, but you should go for travel reliable companies. A travel agent has good knowledge of the countries you can go to without experiencing any breach in your safety. They also know how best you can get there and how to subsidize costs in various ways without a reduction in the quality of your experience. Your travel agent will take care of all your travel needs, but it is left to you to find the best one. One of the companies you might want to opt for is Statravel if they happen to operate in the country or city you are travelling to. With the right travel company, you will be provided with the information you should be aware of depending on your destination. This is considering that several countries and cities still have varying rules about the categories of visitors they receive and what they should do when they are in the country. You could be saved the stress of getting to your destination only to be forced on 14 days isolation against your wish. Imagine if you intended to spend just 14 days or less in the city. It means you would have to leave once your isolation is completed without achieving anything. This is coupled with the fact that you would have to pay for your accommodation and feeding amongst other expenses for those 14 days. Even if you have more time, you might not have the resources to do anything. The right travel agency will also ask your activities of interest and let you know well in advance if the companies offering those services are open or not.

Consider your health and that of those traveling with you

You have to ponder on how risky traveling would be for you, your travel mates, and your host. If anyone on your team has health conditions like kidney disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, etc, they are ripe victims of coronavirus. You should let such people stay back or you cancel the trip. Also, if your host is not up to hosting you due to fragile health, you may want to rethink your trip.

Take a coronavirus test

To be on the safe side, you must take a coronavirus test. You should not avoid being quarantined. Knowing your results will help you make the right decision. If you test negative, you will be reducing the risk you could have unknowingly brought to your destination. Also. You should test yourself no more than 48 hours after getting to your destination. While in your travel destination, ensure you adhere to all guidelines and not go beyond covid-safe places. When you are back from your trip, you have to get tested as well.

Get a safe place to stay

If you are going t be staying with someone on your trip, ensure they have the place cleaned and sanitized already. If you are staying in a hotel, call beforehand to know what the hotel is doing to ensure the safety of their customers. If you are considering a private home, you may have to arrange for it to be cleaned before you settle down. Either way, be choosy about where you stay. If a location is not safe, you can go to another location.


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