Pros And Cons Of On-Demand Recruiting

Pros And Cons Of On-Demand Recruiting

Most people think finding a job is a challenge while most employers believe that finding the right person for the job is the challenge. The truth of the matter is that both hiring and job hunting are challenging and stressful. However, on-demand recruiting is a new option for employers looking for employees with specific skill sets. On demand recruiting software is available that helps employers find exactly what they are looking for. And, the recruiting software is customizable to the employer. There are many pros and cons to on demand recruiting as with anything. A couple of the advantages and disadvantages of this recruiting software are outlined below.

Pros: Improves Performance and Cost Effective

First of all, employers are loving on demand recruiting software because it improves performance and is cost effective. This means that the software is out there doing all the work and trying to find employees. So, the company does not need to hire individuals to hire other people or use current staff to do this job meanwhile taking away from another job duties. This is the cost effective portion. Having software do all the work can save a company thousands of dollars for each new hire and that is worthwhile. Additionally, the software is very cut and dry. There are certain requirements and they must be met, those that aren’t’ don’t qualify. Performance is improved overall.

Cons: Not Able to Differentiate Personal Qualities

One of the cons to this recruiting software is there is no personal side to it, so it can’t relate to potential employees and their personalities. Sometimes an individual makes up for their lack of experience thanks to their zealousness to learn something new or else their personality is perfect for a business that can be learned. This is the drawback to this type of software. Nevertheless, since it is saving employers so much money the drawbacks are generally outweighed by the many positives.

Who knows if the way individuals are hired from now on will be through on demand recruiting software or if things will stay the same has they have been for years. The future is changing and technology is changing lots of things at the same time. So, those applying for jobs through on demand recruiting software should remember that they have to really make an impression to the software first and then later on to someone in person.

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