Reefs And Wrecks Tour In Coron {Review}

Reefs And Wrecks Tour In Coron {Review}

Reefs And Wrecks Tour In Coron Review

Reefs And Wrecks Tour In Coron

Reefs And Wrecks Tour In Coron Review

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The fourth and last island on our fabulous vacation to the Philippines, was a fast ferry ride to 🏝 Coron – Palawan. A beautiful island paradise for 🏖 beach lovers and water enthusiasts.

Taking 🏖 beach, 🤿 snorkeling and dive boat excursions, are the main attractions here. One of the more popular excursions is the 🐠 Reefs And Wrecks Tour In Coron, which we loved!

We booked our Reefs And Wrecks Tour In Coron, with 🌴 Calamian Islands Travel and Tours.

Coron Palawan In The Philippines

Coron Palawan Map

Coron, Palawan can easily be confused with the smaller Island of Coron.

The Town of Coron, where most visitors like ourselves travel to, is actually located on the much larger island of Busuanga Island.

Surrounded with over 50 minor islets in the Philippines Calamian archipelago, it is without a doubt, a beautiful picturesque piece of paradise in Palawan proper.

In fact, Coron has been voted 🏝 Best Island in the World, by Travel + Leisure readers many years over.

People flock here from all over the 🗺 world, to enjoy island hopping, snorkeling and diving in the beautiful pristine waters of the Sulu Sea.

Our Reefs And Wrecks Tour In Coron

Calamian Islands Coron Philippines

Coron is well known for its huge number of ⚕ dive sites, most that are suitable for all levels of experience.

One can enjoy amazing diving and snorkeling on both shallow coral reefs, to the most advanced deep water wreck diving sites.

It is said, that Coron offers perhaps the best scuba diving in all of the Philippine islands.

Calamian Islands Philippines

The major attraction for ⚕ divers is without a doubt the wrecks of the ⚓ Japanese supply fleet, which were sunk in September 1944 by an American 🛬 air raid during WWII.  

For a 📝 list of these wrecks with detailed descriptions of each and more, check out the website below. A superb site I found while searching Google.

⚓   The Shipwrecks of Coron

This Reefs and Wrecks Boat Tour, includes a stop at one of these wrecks located in very shallow water – The WWII 🛥 Gunboat Lusong.

A Review Of Our Reefs And Wrecks Adventure

Calamian Islands Travel Tour Boat

After our scheduled 🚌 pickup from our hotel, we made our way down to the boat docks located just a short ways away in town.

From here, we boarded our unique to ⚓ Calamian Islands Travel & Tours large tour boat.

Reefs and Wrecks Boat Tour

After getting everyone on board, snorkeling equipment, life jackets and so forth sorted out, we were on our way to our first stop of the morning.

Coron Town Philippines

We couldnt have picked a more beautiful 🌅 sunny day for this full day excursion.

A very picturesque view of the Town of Coron, with the morning sun shining over the surrounding hills, was 📸 picture perfect!

Snorkeling The Historic WWII Wreck Gunboat Lusong

Calamian Islands Boat Tours

After cruising these beautiful and very scenic waters for a short while, we made our way to our first 🤿 snorkeling location of the day – the Lusong Gunboat Wreck.

Lusong Gunboat Wreck Snorkeling

Located in very shallow water, the wreck was perfect for snorkeling and ideal for most everyone of all swimming abilities.

The gunboat is just below the surface of the water, and makes its way down to a maximum of 11 meters.

Lusong Japanese Gunboat Historical Image

Above is an archive historical 📸 photograph of what the Lusong looked like back in the 1940s. This was a Japanese gunboat, or more commonly referred to as a – Submarine Hunter.

Small in size, but quick to chase down enemy submarines!

Lusong Gunboat Description

This was a beautiful snorkeling location with the wreck now covered in hard coral, attracting all kinds of beautiful species of beautiful looking 🐟 tropical fish.

Lusong Gunboat Coron

We had lots of time to snorkel and swim around the wreck and within the area. There were beautiful coral reefs and tropical 🐠 fish everywhere!

Snorkeling Lusong Coral Gardens

Lusong Coral Gardens

From here, it was just around the corner to our second snorkeling location – the Lusong Coral Gardens.

Lots of time to enjoy more time snorkeling and/or swimming in the crystal clear warm waters!

The coral gardens were beautiful and perhaps some of the nicest and well preserved coral gardens we have ever experienced, in all our years of travel to tropical destinations.

Many of the coral gardens you visit as a tourist around the world, have been ruined by the thousands of visitors not respecting and/or realizing, the damage they do by stepping on them. 🙁

Calamian Islands Archipelago

The government has taken strict measures and enforce strict rules, to ensure tour operators and visitors keep these waters and islands protected at all times.

I was so impressed to see these strict rules, actually being followed by tour operators and locals alike.

Allowing for 🚯 no garbage, adhering to strict ⚓ vessel regulations and much more, on and around these beautiful islands.

After enjoying a full morning in these pristine crystal clear warm waters snorkeling and swimming, it was time to make our way to our final destination – 🏝 Pass Island.

Pass Island With Buffet Lunch

Pass Island Coron Philippines

After an early breakfast and a full morning of swimming and snorkeling, we were all hungry and ready for lunch on the beach!

Making our way to this small island paradise, it really looked spectacular from just offshore.

Picture a small tiny 🏝 tropical island surrounded by crystal clear water, lined with 🌴 palm trees, snow white sand and you have – Pass Island.

Its just another one of the 7,000 beautiful islands for you to discover in the Philippines!

Pass Island Buffet Lunch

Our buffet lunch was served on shore and was delicious!

There was plenty to eat and drink for everyone. As this is a major tourist attraction, it was of course, very busy with other boats and visitors.

There is a small bar staffed by locals on the island, where ice cold beer and other beverages can be purchased.

Pass Island Buffet Lunch Selections

Even though it was busy, you can still find a nice quiet area on the beach to relax, swim and just enjoy the afternoon on this tiny picturesque island.

Pass Island Coron View

Take a short stroll up the hillside, and enjoy a commanding scenic view surrounding this island!

After enjoying a few hours here, it was time to head back to the boat and make our way slowly back to town.

What a great day and snorkeling adventure!

For those of you who love water sports, beautiful beaches and boating, this tour is a must do!

Pass Island Coron

Final Thoughts Banner

We found Calamian Travel and Tours ideal for booking all our tours, while in Coron and on Palawan Island.

We found them very professional, well organized and easy to communicate with at all times.

Below, I have included their official website link where you access much more detailed information on their Reefs And Wrecks Tour In Coron.

You can check out their extensive list of tour packages to choose from, contact information and online bookings for your convenience.

Calamian Islands logo

🏝   Calamian Islands Travel

Ive also listed the 🌴 Official Philippines Tourism link below to their website page for your convenience. Its filled with excellent information on everything this beautiful Country has to offer.

Philippines Tourism Logo

🌅   Its More Fun In The Philippines

😎 Safe and Healthy Travels!

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Although our Reefs And Wrecks Tour In Coron was in collaboration with Calamian Islands Travel and Tours, rest assured all content and opinions are that of the author and reflect my personal experience only.

All personal 📸 photographs on this post are the property of and are copyright protected. Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited. 🚫

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