Resume Tips – 5 Ways to Circulate Your Resume For Job Search Success

Resume Tips – 5 Ways to Circulate Your Resume For Job Search Success

Too many people are out of work now, and many are giving up on the chance of finding a job. Sometimes, having a different mindset of how to market yourself can open the possibilities for job search success. There are a number of ways to use your resume, and trying one of these methods might make the difference in finding your next job. If your job search plan is diversified, you will have a better chance of obtaining an interview because your resume will have been circulated to a larger audience of people.


Networking is one of the best ways to distribute your resume. Networking is getting someone you know to introduce you to somebody that you haven’t met before. While there may not be an obvious job opening, networking could prove valuable at introducing you to that position before it becomes public. This might give you the leverage needed in today’s job market. It certainly can improve your chances at securing an interview.

You don’t need to know a million people to network. Start with the obvious – friends, immediate and extended family members, club or association members, service professionals you’ve hired, and even your hair stylist might know someone who knows about a position that you fit.

As you speak to these individuals, or communicate with the contacts that they provide you, make sure they have a copy of your resume. It’s natural for people to help each other; however, it’s not always natural for us to be comfortable asking for help. Practice asking, “Would you hold onto my resume in case you hear of someone who needs my skills?” Chances are, you will get a friendly yes more often than not.


It is expected that, when answering a classified ad, you will need to submit a resume. Make sure that your resume and cover letter are tailored for the specific requirements of the advertisement. And, read the entire classified section. Sometimes, a job posting appears under a different title than what you might think as normal.

Understand the requirements posted in the advertisement, and be sure your resume fits those requirements. Adjust keywords and critical elements to make sure your resume sells you for that specific position. After all, you wouldn’t try submitting a resume for short-order cook when answering an advertisement for catering and event planner! Although there are similar functions in both positions, the level of your qualifications should fit the position you are competing for.

Employment Agencies

Employment agencies are another place to circulate your resume. If you’ve been out of work for a while and need to start finding something for income, try a temporary agency. Their positions can sometimes develop into permanent placement, and you have a chance to prove your loyalty by working through an agency.

Other employment agencies utilize a fee structure approach to placement. Check the fee arrangements and distribute your resume if their business practices would be beneficial to your job search. Many of these agencies work under a fee structure where the employer pays a finder’s fee for the position opening; and these are often for jobs requiring specialized skills or hard-to-fill positions.


Executive recruiters typically work with companies to find qualified candidates for senior-level positions, and work with the company on either a fee or a retainer contract. Submitting your resume to an executive recruiter may not see immediate results, but it is a chance to get exposure to some of the higher-level positions that wouldn’t be advertised in the classified sections.

Make sure you have a top-class resume for the recruiter to use, and that it is specific for your professional position. Recruiters have a better chance of matching you to a company when you are very clear about your accomplishments and the expertise that you can bring to the next company.

Bold and Direct

The direct approach is still a popular way of circulating your resume. Perhaps you have identified a company or industry for which you’d like to work. Although they haven’t posted any job openings, you can drop off your resume with a good cover letter. Sometimes, this will result in a request to complete an application, or even an immediate interview! At the very least, they will keep it in their candidate file for a short while, and an opening may come up that you are qualified for.

Think about the many different ways to circulate your resume. Don’t wait for opportunity to knock at your door; you need to get your resume out there to find the best opportunities! Follow guidelines when preparing your resume that ensure you end up with a quality, professional document. Once you have polished and perfected it, try some diversified ways of circulating your resume for job search success.

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