The Burner Byway – A Guide To Stop Taking Stops Enroute

When it comes to experiencing the luxury of staying in a motel in Reno, there is nothing better than staying in Kramer’s Midtown. It is one of the best and affordable hotels that you can stay whenever you are in or around the city. But, do not miss to take a road trip whenever you are here. Let us explore the stops you must take enroute to make the most of your Burner Byway Road trip.

Stop 1 – Pyramid Lake

No need to go all the way to Egypt to see some incredible pyramid formations, you can stumble on natural pyramids just 45 minutes from Reno. Pyramid Lake is a component of the National Science Byways Program and is the only byway in the country entirely within a tribal reservation. Of, and the fishing is awesome. Size does matter!

Stop 2 – Gerlach, NV

This place is popularly known to be home to arguably the best welcome sign in the country.

If you are wondering what “the fastest town on the planet” means: Gerlach holds the land speed record – 714 mph driving on the Black Rock Desert! You can simply take a stop here for some yummy diner food and last chance Wi-Fi. You will quickly find out that bars of service in the middle of Nevada are sparser than people. In addition, be certain to fill up your gas tank – it is your last chance!

Stop 3 – Planet X

Just a few miles out of Gerlach is a pottery store, which is truly an out-of-this-world experience. Every piece is hand-painted and inspired by Nevada and the Black Rock Desert.

Stop 4 – Guru Road

Across the highway from the Black Rock Desert, just outside of Gerlach, is a drive-through art exhibit. What else would you expect in this art Mecca? Built by DeWayne “Doobie” Williams in the late 70s to early 90s there are a lot of pieces worth getting out of the car to interact with.

Even the local take pleasure in the stones engraved with words of wisdom. This television piece was a personal favorite. Get outside and explore more!

Stop 5 – Hot Springs

Fun fact: Nevada has more hot springs than any other state. And, more mountain ranges. It is a dreamland for outdoor men and outdoor women. Do not miss to grab local snacks or drinks from Reno when you leave your Downtown Reno motel. Well, this is the perfect spot to crack open a cold one.

Stop 6 – Black Rock Desert

Add the Black Rock Desert to your bucket list right now!

Okay, glad that is settled. The Playa is truly a remarkable place. The wide-open space beckons adventure and serenity. Even though it is known to a lot as “home” you can see no one lives there year-round. The Black Rock is home to Burning Man’s Black Rock City and is a place where you can be who you want to without judgment.

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