The Top 5 Reasons to Attend a Nursing Conference

The Top 5 Reasons to Attend a Nursing Conference

Nursing conferences are necessary because nursing is a field that changes constantly in the fast evolving world of health care. Not only do nurses have to have a large amount of knowledge to start in the profession, but they also have to keep up on the latest standards of care, new drugs on the market and other techniques vital for the most advanced and effective patient care. In order to make sure nurses increase their amount of knowledge and keep current most states require continuing education units (CEU’s) from nurses every year.

There are many ways to get CEU’s including article packets, hospital training, or video conferencing. However one of the best choices is to attend a nursing conference. Here are the top five reasons why:

  1. Education

– Nursing conferences are usually sponsored by hospitals, pharmaceutical companies or other organizations that work within the health care arena. They usually attract doctors and experts in many fields and offer a chance to not only hear that person’s opinion but question them and develop an innate sense of knowledge. Many conference offer demonstrations of new drugs or equipment and offer nurses hands-on training with the latest advances. For a quality critical education, a nursing conference has all the advantages.

  • Networking
  • – Another plus of gathering together is the nurses and hospital administrators you can meet and add to your list of resources. Because nursing is such a specialized field many people need to know folks in certain areas to consult on a problem or just call for support. Because nurses tend to move around and change professional duties frequently, knowing someone at another facility or someone who can offer you an opportunity is a great way to advance your career. Even if it is just someone to complain to who knows what you have been dealing with, professional networking is a plus.

  • Location
  • – Why study in your dim den at home or at the hospital you spend 36 to 50 hours a week at? You could be learning the latest drug interactions from a sea-side resort in the Bahamas or practicing your diabetes education techniques at one of the many amazing hotels in Las Vegas. National and International nursing conferences offer educational settings far away from the hum-drum world of work which gives you a chance to combine your education with enjoyment. As a bonus most companies offer some form of compensation for the conference, giving you a chance for a neat vacation interrupted by periods of learning. What could be better?

  • Companionship
  • – Meeting other nurses is a plus in any situation, but for people who work in doctor’s offices or small clinics and don’t have a lot of people around them most of the day – it can be a great source of support and comfort to meet and talk with other nurses about your challenges. Nurses in low staffed locations often miss out on both the camaraderie of other nurses as well as an expanding education, tips and techniques. This allows nurses to share and bond with one another so they don’t feel quite so isolated in their professional setting.

  • Advancement
  • – By achieving high level CEU’s and being exposed to the different certification opportunities as well as showing your employer your willingness to learn and keep up with the latest advancements, your career can move up quickly.

    The reasons to attend a nursing conference are clear – combining education with enjoyment. Book your seat today.

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