Travel Destination 101: The Bahamas

Do you want to learn all about The Bahamas? Well here are some essential facts that can help you get the most out of your vacation in case you eventually decide to visit The Bahamas. Knowing these facts will definitely maximize your enjoyment when you spend time in the country.

– The currency is Bahamian dollar. It has similar denominations with the United States dollar but it does – not have the similar value. However, you do not have to worry about converting your United States into Bahamian dollars because the United States dollar is widely accepted all over the place. This is because the Bahamas is a very popular tourist spot for Americans.

– The Bahamas has a very colorful history. If you don’t really like spending all of your time at the beautiful beaches in Bahamas, you can also check out the historical sites scattered all around the place. These historical sites not only date back to the time that Christopher Columbus found the island. There are also many pre-Colombian sites to check out.

– The Bahamas has also a rich and very distinctive ecosystem. Its diverse marine life makes it a very popular spot to visit for many divers from all over the world. The wide variety of flora and fauna make the Bahamas a center for scientific research. The rich ecosystem also helps the tourism economy because a lot of nature lovers flock to the country to experience its unique natural resources.

– You can also enjoy great Calypso music and other distinct Bahamian arts and culture. Wherever you go, there are performers and artists who are glad to share their culture, art and music with strangers.

– The people in the country are very welcoming and hospitable. This is because a large part of their economy depends on tourism and they embrace this gladly.

– The Bahamas is one of the wealthiest countries in the Caribbean. There are no income taxes or corporate taxes levied in the country. While tourism is the major booster of its economy, the country is also a tax haven. Many businessmen visit the Bahamas to acquire some of the financial services offered exclusively in the country. In fact, while half of the GDP of the country is generated by tourism, the financial services sector of the economy is becoming a close second. If you look at it, tourism and financial services go hand in hand because they help each other perform well.

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