Travel Vacation Club – Pros and Cons

Travel Vacation Club – Pros and Cons

A travel vacation club is one in which several members combine their money and buy properties and timeshares all over, in several different vacation locations. These members all work from home, buying and selling or renting these properties as a group and making the profit from it. There are several perks about travel vacation clubs, as well as some cons. It is important to know them both before you decide to invest.


Working from home is always a perk for almost everyone, and for good reason. To invest, buy, sell, and bring home profit from the comfort of your home allows you more time (or at least closer vicinity) to your family and home comforts, and in most cases it allows you to work when you want to with as many breaks as you want.

Another bonus, and this is the one that for most people is the most convincing, is the travel and vacation options available to you when you are a member of one of these vacation travel clubs. Timeshares allow you to vacation to a home for a certain number of days or weeks a year, but you don’t have to own it all to yourself and don’t have to worry about the stress of maintaining it year-round. Vacation travel clubs also share benefits and free or reduced vacation services just for being what they are, to encourage potential buying clubs to visit their location.

Not least of the pros of becoming a member of a club like this is the money and profit you will be making. This money can go for everyday living, a little extra luxury here and there, or it can go into future commitments like college funds for children or retirement funds for you!


The cons are usually outnumbered by the pros when talking about travel vacation clubs, but there are still a few to be aware of. One is that, to some people, it is not a good thing to share ownership of properties or homes, but these people would rather own the place outright. For these people, vacation clubs such as this aren’t ideal.

Another downfall of clubs such as these is that though they usually make a large profit, there is the chance of a loss, as well. A vacation location may not be as popular this year as last, or it could be the off season when money needs to be poured into upkeep of the property but no one is paying to lease or rent it, and profits shrink.

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