Use Good Scents for Your Job Interview

Use Good Scents for Your Job Interview

Have you ever wondered why some people fly through their job interviews while others seem to struggle. Approximately 10% of those who are interviewed naturally have the confidence and training to get that job. Others have the training and qualifications but just can’t seem to close the deal. About 80% of those interviewed fall into this category. The other 10 % of the people interviewed are just wishful thinking and really have no business applying for the job. As you can see, a majority of those interviewed can use a little assistance in landing that big job.

Perfumes and Colognes.

The right scents can make all the difference as to whether you land the job or not. Scents that are to strong or fruity are a turn off for an interview. You will probably only be thanked for stopping by. Aromas that are sweet or seductive might very well get you a date but not a job. Never wear strong or seductive scents to an interview no matter how much you may like them. Women interviewers tend to be more tolerant of perfumes and colognes than men. We must choose wisely. So where do we draw the line? How do you choose the right aroma that will help you land the job?

Essential oils for an Interview.

There are some essential oils that will have a positive affect on the interviewer at a subconscious level. Not only will these essential oils have a positive affect on your interview, they will also boost your confidence level. This alone will give you a distinct advantage in landing that job. Rather than coming across as sweet, fruity or sexy, you will come across as fresh, clean and confident! Use just a dab behind each ear or a drop or two on a handkerchief in your top jacket pocket. Even if you don’t get the job you can be confident you did your best.

The Right Essential Oils.

The following essential oils are highly recommended for use in a job interview situation. Bergamot, coriander, melissa, neroli, pettigraine, verbena, lemon or orange. Lemon and orange do have a bit of a fruity aroma however, these two oils are excellent for boosting your confidence levels and will have you appearing fresh and clean rather than fruity.

Essential Oils not to Use.

Do not use jasmine, narcissus, rose, vetiver or ylang ylang. These essential oils are sweet and seductive and are great for getting a date but not a job.

The morning before your Interview.

If you are like most people the morning before your interview can be nerve racking. The ability to concentrate and remember information becomes difficult. Blend the following essential oils together and use in a bath or on a wet washcloth. Basil 5 drops, bergamot 5 drops, grapefruit 7 drops and lavender 2 drops. Once blended, place 6 drops in your morning bath or two or three drops on a wet washcloth and rub all over your body. Inhale deeply while applying. This blend will help to increase your power of memory, aid in concentration and boost your confidence level.

To wrap it up.

The right scents worn at a job interview can be the factor as to whether or not you get the job. Essential oils can give you the subtle advantage you need to get through the interview process. If you come across as fresh, clean and confident you increase your chances of landing that job. Good luck, and happy interviewing.

Remember to use only pure therapeutic grade essential oils for optimum results!
Sallie A. Peterson

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