How To Prepare For Your Flea Market Experience

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It’s that time again to prepare, organize your thoughts, get your cash ready to snatch up those treasures you will find at the market. That’s right it’s Flea Market season and the hunt is on where the score or special find of that thrifty treasure is the goal. Before you can get going it is best to put some preparation in that ensure your experience is positive.

Dress for Success

The outfit chosen can make or break your day before it even begins so do yourself the greatest favor; comfort, comfort, comfort that is the name of the game. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes due to the landscape of the typical flea market being large, gravelly, muddy, or even dusty and dirty so dress accordingly. Consider layered dressing as temperatures can fluctuate during the day. Clothing with pockets and accessories that offer hands free shopping is a great tip.

Bring It

There are certain supplies you should check off making sure they are with you. Things such as:

  • pen and paper
  • bottled water and snacks
  • measuring tape
  • measurements for any space to fill
  • Cart or large bag to transport items
  • magnifying glass to inspect and check marks
  • packing paper and bubble wrap blanket

Cash only

There could be more personal items but these are the must haves.

Deal or No Deal

You may or may not have the gift of gab needed to make the deal, the ability to negotiate to secure the outcome you desire, that purchase. For many parts of the flea market lure is the opportunity to barter or negotiate. It can and most times goes back and forth until a consensus is reached. There are times when this may not prove valuable yet it is always worth the attempt.

End of the Road

The day’s end if you are willing to stick around can often bring amazing deals working in your favor. Most dealers hope to not bring anything back home with them. Prices are on the side of the customer at the end of the day. It doesn’t matter where you haul your table, chair, lamp from; San Antonio Flea Market to Brimfield finding a way to get it home can be tricky.

The Antiques Roadshow…Not

The television show has promoted though not intentionally the notion that that purchase or find at a flea market like Brooklyn Flea, Rose Bowl Flea or San Antonio Flea Market may be that million dollar item. However that is not the norm though it can and does occur on rare occasions. Go for what you are drawn to as that is the most important aspect of this type of shopping because sometimes value is not solely monetary but sentiment.

U-Haul No You Haul

Now when that treasure or deal is yours especially if it demands ample space to get it home you may have a problem. It takes planning ahead just in case that large piece is coming home with you and you have no extra space. Secure a car service with space to bring that find home. Another option is if available attach a trailer hitch to the back and haul it home yourself.

The flea market is definitely a place that is full of treasures great and small where a day spent here can be a sort of field trip where the joy may come from the stroll, interaction with dealers and other potential customers, while taking a break for a snack or two. Prepare yourself for an early start and a fulfilling finish.